CrossFit Open – Down a peg or two in 16.3


I knew it was coming. The week that I have to talk about humility.

But before I do, check this bad boy out:


If this means nothing to you, check out my previous blogs on the Open – “16.1” and “16.2” It’ll all make sense.

But seriously, how in the world am I beating him? I’ll tell you how.

16.3 was a 7 minute as many reps as possible of:
10 Snatches (75 lb for guys, 55 lb for girls)
3 Bar Muscle Ups

My Box – Cobra Command CrossFit (or C3) has some athletes. And I’m not talking “yeah, I do CrossFit” athletes…I’m talking “yeah, I placed 10th in the Games last year” athletes. We’ve got some games and regional level studs in our gym, and a couple others besides Bill that can do muscle ups.

Look back up at that picture. Out of all the ones in the Muscle Up club, Bill got the fewest reps in 16.3, so he placed 8th in the gym. See how I placed 9th in the gym? So did everyone else that attempted RX. We all tied. The rest of us got 10 reps flat. We all tried super hard to get that elusive muscle up, but to no avail. So even though Bill got 54 reps more than I did, he only got one ranking higher. And that’s hilarious to me.

So, back to humility.

I’ve been trying on and off for about a year to get this dad gum muscle up. I knew it was going to show up in the Open, and I had plans of being ready for it. I even practiced for an hour the day before Castro announced 16.3!

I did this WOD three times.

The first time I did it, I actually scaled. I figured I’d go ahead and get a higher score doing scaled because the snatch was so dang light, and if I can do chest to bar pullups, then I can easily do jumping chest to bar pullups.

Except I didn’t get as far as I expected. Because jumping chest to bar pullups.

Let me just say that I totally get the need to create standards by saying that the bar needed to be six inches above the athlete’s head. But let me ALSO just say that if you’re 5’1, your arms aren’t long enough to get any kind bend in the knees to make that jump. Holding onto the bar, my arms were literally locked out just standing there.

"Can we just...lower it...a little bit? K Thanks"
“Can we just…lower it…a little bit? K Thanks”

First round went great. I finished in like 25 seconds or something like that. Second round was fine too, but that third round. For the record, my judge was one of those elite athletes, so it hurt my soul a little bit when I heard him counting my chest to bars: “One – good job Melissa. Two – this is easy. Three – Oh….”

No rep.

If you’ve ever watched cheerleaders prep for a stunt, there’s always this little double jump thing at the beginning. I had to do that if I had any chance of getting another rep. So double jump I did. The rest of the time.

A couple days later, I decided to try RX. I had been working on my muscle ups and waiting for a rip to heal up, and Monday was my day. I went in early and got to work.

Ten snatches. Six and a half minutes of failed attempts at a muscle up. Every single one was a right-armed chicken wing.

After the 7 minute buzzer, I tried again. Same thing.

Two things here: I’m thankful for the scaled division so that I got an actual workout in. I wasn’t quite there with my muscle ups, but I was able to fully participate in the Open – just at a different level. I’m also thankful for an RX division that’s tough – that pushes me beyond what I can do and shows me ways to get there (three cheers for Muscle Up Tutorials).

Just like there are lots of different people that participate in CrossFit, there are lots of different people that do this whole Christianity thing. A lot of different commitment levels,  various “spiritual levels,” so to speak, and a number of different situations. On the outside, it may look like we’ve got your elites – the “yeah, I place in the top” guys. And we’ve got our “yeah I go to church occasionally” guys too. But what if the Church offered ways to get everyone involved? That everyone could feel fully included, regardless of what “level” they were at? And what if we had “scaled divisions” of faith, with the goal to progress and grow deeper?

Don’t know how to pray? Why would we expect you to pray out loud without first teaching the basics?
Don’t have a Bible? Why would we ask you to do a daily devotional without first giving you a Bible?
Not quite sure if this Jesus thing is for you? Why would we expect you to come to church, tithe, and serve the poor?

Jesus met all people where they were. CrossFit meets people where they are. I believe that the Church can meet people where they are too.

What do you think about Scaled Christianity?


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