Upside Down, not Trickle-Down

I’m sitting in my local Starbucks as I type this reflection. I can hear “The Little Drummer Boy” over the grinding of coffee beans as I take a sip from my tall red cup covered in cartoon Christmas lights. It doesn’t say “Merry Christmas.” It doesn’t even say “Happy Holidays.” And we Christians are freaking out about this for the second year in a row. A holiday cup – much like the holiday tree – must be a sign of the end times.

And while we’re bickering over a cup, Syrian refugees suffer. Indigenous people protest against the pipeline threatening their water source. Children of color are taught to be extra cautious around police in order to avoid violent confrontation. Drug addiction doesn’t discriminate against any race, gender, or socioeconomic class.

There’s a hashtag floating around this holiday season to boycott Target because of their stance on bathrooms and gender identity. “It’s unsafe,” they say. “And where’s the line?” they ask. This must be a war on Christian values, so we’ll withhold our money.

Money is power, and those who have enough of it can control the direction of corporations and even our country, based on their financial decisions. It’s obvious why trickle-down economics is so popular among those who already have their more-than-fair share. Sadly, sometimes people of faith mix up “American” and “Christian” values.


Read the rest at Voices at the Corner, the official blog of The Center for Social Empowerment, a hub for theological reflection, investigation, and education on social and racial justice in Ferguson, Missouri.

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