Water, Soulmates, and Growing Things

I like to garden. I’m not very good at it, but it still brings me joy and inner peace in a way that really nothing else does. I’m from Texas, so waiting this long to put seeds in the ground only to have them swept away by the Kansas wind or the surprise freeze still gets me. My Dad gardens too, and last month he sent me pictures and videos of his lush yard. LAST MONTH.

And I’m over here like:



I bought some plants the other day, and they are thirsty! Even with some rain, they’re wilting quicker than I remember they did last year. My pansies went through half a gallon of water the other day! (For gardeners out there, is that normal? I’ve never done pansies before.)

I’ve got basil on my windowsill sandwiched between two coffee plants. That’s right – coffee plants. We like our coffee in the Gepford house.

I even have a President Obama Chia Pet that I gave up on a long time ago. That thing needs to be filled to the brim at all times – which had me watering it, like, twice a day. Thanks, Obama. No chia hair for you.

So much water.

Over Lent, I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on water. My wonderful friend and soul mate, Katie Parris Coleman, took on an incredible challenge during that season: blog every single day. About stuff with substance. Y’all. That’s tough. She invited me to be a guest blogger, and how could I pass that up? I wrote a series of posts on water – its significance in the Christian faith, baptism, our Methodist baptismal covenant and what that means for me…that kind of stuff.

Just some stuff about Katie: this chick rocks. She’s got tons of tattoos and natural bright red hair and a laugh I could recognize a mile away. She’s passionate about social justice and loves Jesus with her whole heart, mind, and soul.

Katie and I met at seminary. She sat a couple rows ahead of me, and on the first day of class Dr. Cardoza called roll.

Melissa Collier? “Here.”
Spencer Hickman? “Here.”
Ben Pascoe? “Here.”
Katie Parris? *turning around to face the rest of the class* “Here, and if you call me Katy Perry, I will slice you.”

That’s when I knew we were soul mates. I don’t believe in romantic love soul mates, but I totally believe in what Ann of Green Gables calls “kindred spirits.” Katie and I were just drawn to each other, and even though we are 3 states apart, when we talk, we pick up right where we left off.

Love, you Katy Perry!

Check out my first post for Katie here!

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