Our Baptismal Covenant

The other day I disclosed that I was baptized twice: when I was an infant and again in a youth group that told me my first baptism was illegitimate. I now see that this was clearly a denominational doctrinal difference, and I embrace my infant baptism as the real one. That second one was just a celebration of what I already had done. Or something like that. Or I was just emotionally manipulated into getting baptized again. One of the two.

It’s not like my Methodist church threw some water on me as an infant then left me to my own devices to figure out this God-stuff. Churches who baptize infants have something called Confirmation. It’s like, part two of baptism. When I was in sixth grade, I went through a class with my peers, where we learned the basics of the faith, the ins and outs of Methodism, and we served people. A lot. After months of Sunday evenings in Confirmation, we had the opportunity to choose for ourselves to join the church, Some kids did, some didn’t. And before we joined, we “remembered our baptism.”

Now, this was before my second baptism, so I couldn’t literally remember my baptism. But it was another symbol. A way for us to confirm our own baptism in our lives – to confirm that God had been at work before we could even remember, and that God is continuing to work now. The pastor even sprinkled some water on us. Then we joined the church, answering these questions:

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