Reaffirming my Baptismal Covenant

OK, so I lied.

Instead of writing about 3 R words, I’m doing four. Deal with it.

When Jesus lovers are baptized into the Christian tradition, they take on a new identity – one that renounces the spiritual forces of wickedness, rejects the evil powers of this world, and repents of your sin.

That’s really hard to do. For me, it’s like walking a tight rope. I want to identify all the places in the world that suck, reject everything that’s not good and lovely and holy, but I also need to do that without being a little jerk myself. I also need to recognize that I’m capable of the same things that aren’t good or lovely or holy and that I can suck. And then I need to stop sucking. It’s in me, too.

Thank God that’s not the only part of the baptismal covenant.

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One thought on “Reaffirming my Baptismal Covenant

  1. I really love this. I’m so thankful for your Faith. Long after I am gone, you will be assured that your journey has taken you exactly where you were born to go! Thank you, Lord Jesus!! Love, Mama


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