Want families to grow in discipleship together? Try Superhero Family Serve Day!

When I was a Kids Pastor in a local church, I often wondered how to get parents and their kids in the same room to actually grow together. Sure, worship is intergenerational in nature, if the kids don’t leave for kids church, but I found there was a disconnect between Sunday School programming and incorporating those valuable lessons into the daily lives of families.

I just felt like couldn’t get parents and kids to talk to each other!


I tried notes to parents given out at the end of Sunday School, but then I’d pick up countless paper airplanes after church. I tried social media – and yeah, that worked to get the word out, but I couldn’t guarantee that parents read my posts or changed anything in the home because of them. I tried talking individually with parents, but with hectic schedules, I never could remember who I talked to about what! I became frustrated at what seemed to be an impossible feat – getting families on the same page to grow together.


Then, it hit me. We can preach all day long about faith development at home within families, but we have to offer space and resources for families to that! That’s when we started quarterly Family Serve Days, where all were invited to serve together.


It’s that simple. Gather families – people of all ages – into one room, to learn the same thing and participate in the same activities. We made sure these activities were missionally minded in nature, then we let our imaginations run wild with fun themes!

In this resource, you’ll find everything you need to host your very own Superhero Family Serve Day, where you and your crew will train to defeat the Hunger Villain! Enjoy!

Click to Download the Superhero Family Serve Day

FSD Image.png



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