A Dark Postpartum Night

This is the most vulnerable piece I've ever written. Please be gentle. This past year has been - by far - my most difficult year. Professionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. As a pastor, it's difficult to be transparent, and it's even more difficult to connect with people on just a basic human level (you know, … Continue reading A Dark Postpartum Night

Thousands of Years of Quitting on the Truth

Back in 2016, after another instance of police brutality, I decided to speak out in some way. Surely the truth is clear enough? It was one Facebook post. But we all know how this one goes. I anticipated some pushback; it was social media, after all. But what I didn’t expect was the onslaught of … Continue reading Thousands of Years of Quitting on the Truth

What happens when you say “yes” to God

Y'all - it's official. Last week, I was ordained as a deacon in full connection in the United Methodist Church! My ordination was the culmination of years of twists, turns, roadblocks and whiplash. It was the culmination of years of God beckoning me closer to God and neighbor and further from my comfort zone. It … Continue reading What happens when you say “yes” to God

Celebrating the Light for Church Leaders

Dear pastors, teachers, worship leaders, and Christmas Eve servants, I get it. Christmas Eve is a long day. Especially this year. Sunday morning AND Christmas Eve? Who decided that was a good idea?! If you're anything like me, Advent comes and Advent goes, and before you know it, it's Lent. Not much time to just … Continue reading Celebrating the Light for Church Leaders

Lofty Expectations at Christmastime

Christmas in Texas is a big deal. For me, it’s a three day long affair, and the whole family shows up - grandparents, aunts, uncles, first-second-and-third cousins. And as our families grow, great-grandkids are in the mix. Potluck, loud laughter, fishing in the pond out back - because the pond is never frozen, y’all. Four … Continue reading Lofty Expectations at Christmastime

Some exciting news!

“God created humanity in God’s own image, in the divine image God created them, male and female God created them.” Genesis 1:27 (CEB) Neil DeGrasse Tyson gets unusually excited when he explains how humans came into being. Our molecules can be traced to the stars that exploded billions of years ago, scattering gas clouds that … Continue reading Some exciting news!