Dear Graduates: Advice from a Millennial

Dear Graduates of 2017, Congratulations! You made it! You could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but now you're out of the tunnel completely! You're done. You took all the tests. You wrote all the papers. You did your time. On to the next chapter, friends. Transitioning out of high school is … Continue reading Dear Graduates: Advice from a Millennial

CrossFit Open – My 16.1 Experience

It's that time of year again - The CrossFit Open! The season of ripped callouses, outrageous WOD predictions, and new PRs everywhere around the world. Elite athletes strategically plan out how to execute each movement as efficiently as possible, while the rest of us are just trying not to throw up in the middle of it … Continue reading CrossFit Open – My 16.1 Experience

5 Things the Church Could Learn from CrossFit

It was after only one Methodist potluck when I decided my husband and I were getting a gym membership. I had done a little bit of CrossFit before we moved to Kansas, but only for a little while, and I was never really committed. You know those people who purchase Groupon gym memberships and never actually … Continue reading 5 Things the Church Could Learn from CrossFit