Election 2016 – We can’t just suck out the poison.

Well, that happened. Donald Trump was elected to be our next president. Some of my friends and family are celebrating, while others are resisting with all they've got. Some still don't believe it, and others are terrified. Twentysixteen was a weird one. After taking a few days to process, listen, and pray, I've come to the … Continue reading Election 2016 – We can’t just suck out the poison.

CrossFit Open – My 16.1 Experience

It's that time of year again - The CrossFit Open! The season of ripped callouses, outrageous WOD predictions, and new PRs everywhere around the world. Elite athletes strategically plan out how to execute each movement as efficiently as possible, while the rest of us are just trying not to throw up in the middle of it … Continue reading CrossFit Open – My 16.1 Experience